Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment Now Open For PC Sign Ups

The Battlefield 1 community test environment has now been opened for sign ups from PC players, and other versions of it will be coming to other platforms at some point in the future, but for now it’s limited to the PC version of the game. The CTE is a vital component of a game like Battlefield.

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Community test environments (normally called Public Test Realms or something to that effect) are normally used for many shooters and other games with a heavy online component, where the developers allow a set number of players to try out upcoming features and other things that are coming to the game before they’re released for the rest of the game’s players.

The Battlefield 1 community test environment, in addition to allowing some players to experience add-ons before anyone else, also helps DICE by allowing them to spot problems prior to release, meaning that the developers can catch bugs before they’re released and can cause more trouble.

Considering that Battlefield 1 has been out for about four months now this is something that’s apparently been long-overdue, but since the game has appeared to have a fairly good release in its multiplayer after its release (especially since Battlefield 4 had a very large number of problems in the multiplayer despite how popular the game was), a Battlefield 1 community test environment is probably only needed now that the game is starting to get expansions.

For instance, the game’s first DLC, called “They Shall Not Pass”, is going to be coming later this year, and will take players into the hellish trenches and battlefields of the Battle of Verdun, is going to be bringing a number of new maps, an elite class, and new weapons, making a community test environment to make sure the DLC is going to launch smoothly is vital.

The Battlefield 1 community test environment setup is going to open its signups soon, so you can sign up for it via the Battlefield 1 companion app.

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