AMD Vega 10 Mass Production Starting Q1 2017 SK Hynix HBM2 Batch

AMD Vega 10 and Ryzen seems to be all the hype these days and the whole world is waiting for these new AMD products to come out and blow us away. We have seen the potential and we want more of it. The demos showed us that these could cause a splash in the CPU and GPU market and that is what we are waiting for. Someone to take on Nvidia and Intel. To make the market consumer-friendly.

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A released document from SK Hynix has confirmed that AMD will be able to mass produce the AMD Vega 10 GPUs as soon as Q1 2017 this means that the wait is not much longer. The company will be shipping 4 GB memory chips that will be able to offer 1.60Gbps per pin which translated to 204.8GB/s per stack. That is pretty decent to say the very least.

AMD Vega 10

This will enable AMD Vega 10 GPUs to out perform previous generation GPUs that we have seen in the past and according to some report the high-end AMD Vega 10 GPUs will be able to match the performance of the GTX 1080 and the Nvidia Titan X.

While there are some people that think that AMD is too late to the game as the GTX 1080 is already the most successful GPU that Nvidia has ever sold there are still people that will buy the upcoming AMD Vega 10 GPUs.

Even though GTX 10 series GPUs have been very successful the same can be said about the AMD RX series and the GPUs in that series are highly regarded as they target the masses instead of enthusiast gamers. AMD has picked the mid-range and budget gamer market to sell their GPUs and now the company is working its way up the ladder.

We will have to see how this works for AMD. What do you think?