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3D Printer Accident Kills San Francisco Couple

Spoils of technology can sometimes become hazardous to the very life of their owners. Recently, a 3D printer leakage killed a couple and their pets in San Francisco. It is reported that 3D printer filled the home of couple located in Berkley with Carbon mono oxide gas. Later on, the dead couple and their pets were found by a friend.

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Roger Morash, 35, his wife Valerie Morash, 32, and their pets were found dead inside their apartment this Monday. The tragedy comes as a sad follow-up to a study from last year which warned people from using 3D printers in their homes due to the potential toxic emissions. The study looked at five commercially available 3D printers. Lead author Brent Stephens, an assistant professor in Illinois Tech’s department of civil, architectural and environmental engineering, said exposure should be limited.

Furthermore, the lead author Brent Stephens said:

The ultra-fine particles of ABS plastic and other, more harmful substances, they are small enough not to be caught by our nose hairs when we breathe them in. Not all printers emitted huge, huge amounts, but about half of ours did emit in what we could call a high emitter category … so that’s a little worrisome

Moreover, the study work sheds light on the concern that using lasers to burn through certain materials, like plastics, may lead to noxious gasses, including carbon monoxide, being emitted. Industrial 3D printers solve this problem with enclosures and ventilation, but you won’t find that in most consumer models. That is a harsh truth that the Berkley couple has paid the highest price for.

Would you still get a 3D printer after the horrific tragedy the San Francisco couple paid? We Know 3D printers are a cutting edge technology and everything is so cool about them. Let us know in comment section below what you think about this 3D printer incident.