World of Warcraft Exhibit Created At The Computer History Museum

Since its launch 12 years ago, World of Warcraft has been a huge part of PC gaming with millions of active subscribers. Due to that, it is no surprise that the game gets recognition at the Computer History Museum.

On Saturday last week, the museum opened up a new exhibition revolved around software to show how engineers, programmers and others have changed the world with software. The exhibit took around 5 years to make at a cost of $7 million.

World of Wacraft got the honor of being included in this Make Software exhibition with a giant statue of Thrall, numerous Blizzard products related to World of Warcraft on display as well as pre-recorded interviews from employees who worked on the game.

Since its inception, World of Warcraft has gone on to spawn multiple expansions, animated web-series, books and comics putting it right besides other fantasy properties like Lord of the Rings or Dungeons & Dragons.

Chris Garcia, the curator at the museum said:

World of Warcraft is a virtual world, it’s really a fascinating realm. Video games are a $100 billion a year industry. The thing about Warcraft is it is an ecosystem of technology, entertainment, human relationships, and art. That art is created out of the community. It takes a life of its own that is really important. We could have done the whole exhibit just on World of Warcraft, and I would have loved to.

Considering how the game revolutionized the MMORPG genre back in its day, the recognition as an integral part of shaping the world by software is well deserved.

The team behind the museum exhibit also thought the same and took the time to fully research the game, even attending events like BlizzCon to capture the real essence of the Warcraft universe.