Thomas Mahler Apologizes PS4 Pro Remarks, Clarifies His Comment On Xbox One Scorpio

The developer of Ori And The Blind Forest recently made a lot of waves on the internet thanks to his comments on Xbox One Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro. According to him, Scorpio will be a full generational upgrade and he also called PS4 Pro half-assed. Now he has clarified what he meant by the full generational upgrade.

According to Thomas Mahler, when Sony announces the PS5, that will happen shortly after Xbox One Scorpio release, it will be compatible with the entire library of PlayStation 4. Players will see new games announced for the PS5 which will not be exclusive to it as the sales will hurt the devs.

A new console comes out and we go from a hardware platform that has 50 or so million installed units to, say, 5. So automatically, I would reach a MUCH smaller audience. So a lot of games will still be ‘forward-compatible’ – whether Sony forces that or not will be up to them.

He added that developers will just have to treat consoles like PCs and adjusting their games to multiple hardware configurations.

He also apologized for his remarks on PlayStation 4 Pro and clarified that he did not want to offend anyone.

This is the second time already that I took part in some discussion on GAF only to then see something I thought was a somewhat innocent comment (again, calling a platform half-assed definitely wasn’t the nicest way of putting things, I know. I’m not a native English speaker and sometimes my wording can come off as a bit rude) to blow up in my face after the press picked up on it. I’m just a dev who loves games and take part in these passionate discussions 

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