Special Street Fighter Costumes Spice up Dead Rising 4

Two new difficulty modes and five special Street Fighter costumes are heading for the undead open-world of Dead Rising 4, Capcom announced.

For the past two months, Frank West has been flaunting a number of attires that the fictional town of Willamette, Colorado, has so graciously offered. Now, the photojournalist is getting an upgrade to his wardrobe with the addition of cosplay options from the Street Fighter universe.

Players will be able to dress up as Guile, M. Bison, T. Hawk, Zangief, and even Cammy. Unfortunately, the costumes don’t enhance your abilities to perform special attacks such as a Psycho Crusher or Hadoken. Perhaps the hardworking modding community will get to work on that as soon as the costumes are available.

The two new difficulty modes that are being added are called Hard and Ultra-Hard. Both are designed to make the game incredibly challenging with enemies that hit harder, weapons that degrade faster, and food that no longer restores health. However, finishing Dead Rising 4 on either of the two difficulty modes will unlock the following achievements: Chopping Spree and Biters Remorse.

Furthermore, Capcom announced a limited Dead Rising 4 trial version that will be available on Xbox One on January 31. The demo will last for only one hour and give access to both single-player and multiplayer content. It’s up for debate as to how much someone can access within a mere hour. Nonetheless, Capcom has assured that any progress made in the demo will carry over to the main game upon purchase.

Furthermore, Dead Rising 4 will finally be releasing in Germany tomorrow. This makes it the first time that an installment from the series has made it to shelves in the country. Capcom didn’t clarify as to whether previous entries in the series will also follow suit.

The free update should go live later today.