Resident Evil 7 VR Has A Healthy Player Base, Global Stats Revealed

Resident Evil 7 launched last week with great critical success and fans of the franchise are praising it for going back to the horror survival roots. While Capcom took a risk by making the game first-person, most probably to support VR, but that risk that paid off and according to Capcom, Resident Evil 7 VR has a significant player base.

Capcom has revealed global stats for its newly released Resident Evil 7. According to the stats, 9.48 % of all players have opted to play the game in VR which makes 86,929 players are enjoying the game in PSVR.

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Props to these brave souls who are willing to play Resident Evil 7 VR, I just hope they have strong hearts.

Currently, the Resident Evil 7 is only playable in PSVR and will be available to other VR devices after one year when the PlayStation exclusivity deal expires.

Capcom has also revealed other stats for the game, like 917,372 players have been “Welcomed to the family” along with total in-game time players have spent, at the time of writing, is “773y
28d1h 10m 54s” and is just 227 years behind to reach the 1000 year mark.

Also, players have killed a total of 31,367,634 monsters in the game and 94,632,366 kills remain to reach the kill account equal to the population of the Japan. Most players preferred shooting monsters in the head, as 77 % of monsters were killed by being shot in the head.

Only 7% of monsters were killed by their left arm being destroyed, 6% died by their right arm being destroyed, 4% of monstered were killed by being shot in the legs.

Furthermore, only 87 % of doors in Resident Evil 7 were opened, 52% of players ran over Jack while 48 % were run over by Jack and more.

What do you think of the game? Are you pleased that the game has returned to survival horror roots? Let us know in the comments.