Phil Spencer Hopes To See More Games Adopt Xbox Cross-play In The Future

Last week, Microsoft finally enabled cross-play support between PC and Xbox One in Quick Play of Gears of War 4. Soon after that, Phil Spencer took to Twitter to state that he hopes more games will adopt Xbox cross-play in the future.

Spencer’s tweet was in response to a fan who asked whether future Microsoft will support Xbox cross-play like Gears of War 4 or not, allowing Windows 10 players to play against Xbox One to which Spencer replied that it is in Microsoft’s agenda and he hopes it will become a reality.

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Since the announcement of Play Anywhere program during E3 2016, Microsoft has slowly been pushing Xbox cross-play through its first party AAA titles as well as some indie games.

Apart from Gears of War 4, Microsoft’s own Forza Horizon 3 also allows players to play with friends on Xbox One or Windows 10 PC. Indie game Astroneer also has the feature in place while Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves are also expected to launch with the feature.

In Gears of War 4, cross-play was initially limited to private matches so players on either of the platforms could not join public playlists filled by players from other platforms.

In late 2016, developers The Coalition carried out a test weekend where the full cross-play was implemented to see how it fares.

Seeing the negligible performance difference and advantage PC players had over Xbox One players, the developers decided to fully implement the Xbox cross-play feature for public playlist as well.

Similarly, the PC over console advantage also doesn’t carry over to other games like racing, platformers or fighting games like the upcoming Tekken 7 being developed by Namco Bandai.

While Microsoft seems committed to cross-play, it will be interesting to see which third party developer opts to add the feature in their games. Developers are certainly open to the concept as the recently released Resident Evil 7 supports Play Anywhere.