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Nintendo Switch Battery Will Be Non-Removable According To Official Website

With a little over a month left until launch, Nintendo has now confirmed that the Nintendo Switch battery will not be removable so users cannot hotswap between charged batteries.

The information was revealed earlier today on the official website and in the section regarding Nintendo Switch battery, it was revealed that a single full charge will last 2-6 hours depending on the type of game being played.

Nintendo has already revealed that the Switch will be powered by a 4310mAh Lithium ion battery.

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The website also revealed that the internal battery is non-removable and in the case of some issues, the battery will have to be replaced using the official Nintendo Battery Replacement service, which happens to be a paid service.

Please note: the internal battery cannot be removed. If the battery needs to be replaced, we plan to offer paid replacement via Nintendo Customer Support.

There is currently no information on how much the replacement battery would cost and whether the service would just include the cost of the battery or will it have some extra added in for services rendered.

It is also unclear whether the Nintendo Switch battery falls under the initial product warranty or not. If it does, perhaps the first replacement might be offered for free if the console is still under warranty.

Buying the battery from Nintendo or a third party source (which is inevitable in the long run) and then trying to change it yourself could possibly void the warranty so customers might only have one recourse in this situation.

This piece of information was posted on the Nintendo UK website and isn’t on the American website as of yet however, it is highly unlikely that the policy will be different for both regions.

Nintendo Switch is set to launch on 3rd March for $299.