Ubisoft’s For Honor First Impressions; Beautiful Game But Not So New

For Honor is a beautiful game no doubt and from the intro to the gameplay, everything is amazing when it comes to the visuals but when it comes to the game dynamics I have to say that there is nothing that I have not seen in the past. Yes, things may be a bit different but the main concept behind the game dynamics and the combat system is pretty much the same.

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Talking about Infinity Blade a game that came out for iOS a few years back, it follows the same principle. Because it is for touch devices the mechanics are a bit different as the game has been optimized for touch screens rather than a mouse and keyboard. As soon as I looked at the tutorial instructions of For honor I remembered Infinity Blade.

For Honor

Ubisoft does take For Honor a step further with character customization and abilities. You have a great multiplayer experience and the faction system is pretty good too. I played the closed beta so I have no idea what the campaign will be like and whether or not there will be a compelling story but you can see from the beta version of For Honor that the game is going to be very repetitive.

Ubisoft said that there will be a never seen before combat system, I have to say that I was very hyped for the game and the combat system did disappoint me a little bit. The game fighting system is great but it is not like I have not seen something similar before.

For Honor

I think that unless For Honor has a very in-depth story that can hook the gamer in the first few minutes of the game, there will not be many people playing the game. While many people are playing the game right now, that is because it is free for now. I would like to see the sales numbers when the game actually comes out.

Resident Evil 7 was a great game, a must play for 2017 but I am not sure I would say the same when it comes to For Honor. But until I can get a go at the campaign I cannot say whether it will be worth your money or not. Stay tuned for more.