Camille Support and Her Striking Debut in NA LCS

The League of Legends meta took another turn when Camille Support made her debut on the weekend in the North American League Championship Series (NA LCS).

Camille has pretty much been a permanent ban during drafting phase, especially in the Korean scene. When given the opportunity, the Steel Shadow often takes her overbearing presence in the top lane where she makes the opposition’s life miserable.

However, during week two of the Spring Split, Echo Fox surprised everyone by picking a Camille Support against its first match against FlyQuest.

The move left even the casters flustered, who humorously waved it off as possibly an accidental pick.

So how good is a Camille Support and how well did Echo Fox do with her? The North American League of Legends team went 3-0 before the ten-minute mark, all thanks to Austin “Gate” Yu who displayed exceptional mastery over Camille.

Playing the blue side, Echo Fox invaded the top jungle of FlyQuest at level 1. Hai “Hai” Lam retreated on Orianna and must have felt completely safe due to the distance between him and his pursuers. However, here is where Camille used her E (Hookshot / Wall Dive) to take down Hai for First Blood.

Seven minutes after, FlyQuest’s bottom lane fell to pieces when Daerek “LemonNation” Hart was caught out of position as he tried to push the lane with Malzahar Support.

W (Tactical Sweep) from Camille allowed fellow AD Carry Yuri “Keith” Jew to stun LemonNation with Jhin’s W (Deadly Flourish). Gate followed up with a wall dive and the rest was simply Echo Fox cleaning up.

The League of Legends community has been regularly asking Riot Games to tone down the champion. However, the developer believes that Camille does not require any major nerfs, at least not for now.

The fact that professional teams are making sure that she never passes through the drafting phase proves that her kit is too overwhelming in the current state. As it appears, Camille is not only good in top-lane but also as a support. Echo Fox, along with the unorthodox Camille Support pick, went on to stomp FlyQuest.