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Ark Survival Evolved Update Brings Iron Man And Sheep To The Game

The much awaited Ark Survival Evolved update is almost here as Studio Wildcard has announced that Tek Tier patch will be releasing today.

Tek Tier, as in tech tier, will allow players to access the highest possible craftable gear in the game right now and become Iron Man (Power Rangers if the

">trailer is anything to go by)

The new Ark Survival Evolved update, version 254, will add in the phase 1 of Tek Tier system. This phase will include Tek Engrams, Element Resource system and Tek gear such as helmet, visor, jetpack and boots among many other.

Each piece of Tek gear provides a different bonus to the player. Tek Boots negate all fall damage and allows players to power walk above cliffs and slopes while Tek Pants improve running speed.

Similarly, the Tek Rifle has a night vision mode to allow for better target acquisition at night time and then take them down with the long range scope and laser.

Since the Tek Tier items being introduced in the Ark Survival Evolved update are the highest possible gear right now, the require a special resource called Element to craft. Element itself only drops from high level bosses, with each boss now having three difficulty levels for varying group sizes and capabilities.

The update will also add in a couple of new creatures on the Ark, including the highly awaited sheep, Ovis Aries, which can be sheared tamed and regularly sheared for wool. Other new creatures include Basilosaurus and Purlovia.

Another big change to the game mechanics with the new update is the real time growth of facial hair. Because of that, the hair system in the game has also been modified to offer more hairstyles, hair dye-ing and cutting.

Since the console version of the game are still behind, the new Ark Suvival Evolved update will currently be only available on PC.