WiLD PS4 is Still in Development, Here is the Proof

WiLD PS4 has been out of the spotlight for awhile now which was starting to be a matter of concern for the community. Developers hadn’t shared anything for some time which raised questions over the game’s development.

Such situation usually end with announcements for a cancellation or a delay. Thankfully, WiLD PS4 is still in development as the developers have just shared a beautiful off-screen image.

Getting lost in your own game is a great satisfaction. So many landscapes and situations to be discovered. I will try to post regularly some screenshots of the WiLD. And I promise, I will not spoil the game´s plot.

Just one screenshot isn’t going to do much for our cravings for gameplay. E3 2017 is just a few month away and what better time to show the game in detail? Also, we may hear a release date announcement for WiLD.

Use your instincts and intuition to thrive in an incredibly hostile environment. Learn how to control living creatures, and venture into your friends’ game worlds to help them survive.

Experiment with your surroundings in your quest for survival – a simple plant could just as easily save your life… or bring about a swift death.

For more on WiLD, staytuned!