Street Fighter V Spring Update Targets “Big” CFN Improvements

Capcom has not given up on the online network of Street Fighter V, which is often smashed by the community for its instability and unreliability.

The Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) is apparently receiving a major update this spring which promises to address a number of complaints that have been piling up from the past months.

“There are going to be a lot of improvements to the game this year, starting with CFN,” revealed the company’s Neidel “Haunts” Crisan. “Beyond that, I assure you I’ve sent the above issues to the dev team many times and you’ll see improvements and cool features/modes as the year goes on. I just don’t have exact timelines to share at this moment.”

Since its release, Street Fighter V has been continuously trying to tackle the ever-evading problem of online stability. The game’s netcode has often been brought into question, and there’s no guarantee if the network won’t crash tomorrow. Between latency issues and other related complaints, the Street Fighter V community has simply been bidding its time to see when Capcom is going to improve the CFN. Apparently, that happens in a few months.

In other news, Capcom accidentally left out a few character-related changes in the patch notes that were introduced with the game’s Season 2 announcement last month. Additionally there were a few incorrect changes added in the changelog as well.


  • Bonshogeri: Knockback on Crush counter extended by 3F


  • Crouching LP: Chain cancelling frames changed from 9F-10F ⇒ 10-11F
  • Ryodansatsu: Air hitbox and total frames adjusted slightly


  • EX Bull Head: Changed recovery from 28F ⇒ 23F


  • Power Drop: Changed attack startup from 5F ⇒ 6F


  • Incorrect: L Shoryuken (Normal/V-Trigger) – Removed throw invincibility
  • Correct: L Shoryuken (Normal/V-Trigger) – Did not remove throw invincibility


  • Incorrect: Standing MK – Slowed down timing of startup on V-Trigger cancel by 3F
  • Correct: Standing MK – Slowed down timing of startup on V-Trigger cancel by 5F