More Nintendo Switch UI Details Revealed Via The Nintendo UK Website

The Nintendo UK website has unveiled a number of new Nintendo Switch UI details, taking players through everything that players will be able to do on the device when it comes out on March 3 of this year, all accessible through the Specifications section on the official Nintendo UK website.

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There are a variety of buttons that are available from the start on the switch, mainly the News button, the button that takes you to the Nintendo eShop, and an Album section, likely where you put screenshots that you take during the game.

The Nintendo Switch has already been shown to have a dedicated screenshot button in one of the JoyCon controllers, so taking screenshots shouldn’t be too hard.

Other Nintendo Switch UI details have shown that much like the Nintendo 3DS, the Switch will have a tile-based menu, where you continually scroll either left or right to get to the title or app that you want.

The UI also supports account switching and various settings for the JoyCons (and likely, in the future, whatever accessory JoyCons that the Switch will get).

While we did get a fairly exhaustive list of everything that the Switch will be capable of at the Nintendo Switch Experience event several weeks ago that officially introduced the console to the public, we haven’t had very much experience with the Switch’s UI, so Nintendo UK giving us some more Nintendo Switch UI details is always appreciated.

The Nintendo Switch won’t be releasing until the beginning of March, so there’s still a good amount of time for Nintendo to put out other promotional videos and bits of information before the game comes out, so hopefully when it does release Nintendo will have another success on their hands, even if it doesn’t sell as much as the original Wii.