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Nintendo Releases New Splatoon 2 Arena Screenshots: Barnacle Sports Club

With Splatoon 2 coming out as one of the main games on the Nintendo Switch in the coming months, Nintendo has started promoting the game with a variety of media since it first debuted at the Nintendo Switch’s announcement conference several weeks ago. To begin with, we have some new Splatoon 2 arena screenshots.

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The arena, called Barnacle Sports Club, is likely only the first of the many different maps that Splatoon 2 will have, and gives us a bit more insight into the world of the Inklings, the colorful squid-human hybrids that live in the world of Splatoon. As a sports center, the building not only allows for a large number of turf wars, but also a number of other exercises for Inklings, including swimming (in ink of course, since water causes them to melt) and climbing (which Inklings can do up walls as long as they have ink on them).

In addition to the new Splatoon 2 arena screenshots, the UK retail chain GAME has put out information that says that the game is going to be coming out August 16 of this year, though Nintendo hasn’t yet put out any sort of release date information. For now, they’ve only said that it will be coming out in the second quarter of this year (meaning sometime between April and June).

While the Nintendo Switch likely isn’t going to be launching with Splatoon 2 (instead the game is likely going to come out a month or so afterwards), there’s still plenty of time for Nintendo to promote the game with even more new Splatoon 2 arena screenshots. Whether the game will launch with a mixture of old maps to go along with new ones like the Barnacle Sports Club.

In the meantime, fans of Splatoon can look forward to any game information that’ll be coming soon.