New Resident Evil 7 DLC Called “Not A Hero” Coming Soon For Free

Resident Evil 7 hasn’t even been out a week, and already Capcom is promoting new Resident Evil 7 DLC at the end of the game that will likely be focusing around the very first male Resident Evil protagonist, Chris Redfield. Or, at least, judging by how Resident Evil 7 ends, might not be Chris Redfield.

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(SPOILERS FOLLOW) At the end of Resident Evil 7, Ethan is rescued by someone that identifies himself simply as “Redfield”. Redfield looks a lot like Chris, but there are some problems with how he’s presented: for one thing, he doesn’t have anything identifying him as a member of the BSAA. Instead, he shows up dressed in Umbrella Corporation tactical gear, flying in an Umbrella Corporation helicopter.

Whether it’s the actual Chris Redfield running a con, or if he’s actually turned traitor, or even if it’s a clone of Chris Redfield (not impossible considering the clone of Ada Wong that was one of the antagonists of Resident Evil 6), we likely won’t know until the new Resident Evil 7 DLC comes out. The DLC, called “Not A Hero”, will be available in Spring of this year, apparently, with other bits of DLC becoming available at the end of January.

Considering that there have been numerous hints of Umbrella being involved in the events of Resident Evil 7 from the demo (with an Umbrella helicopter being seen on a photograph in the attic, plus mentions of an Umbrella ship having washed up somewhere in the bayou near the Baker residence, not to mention everything else happening), Not A Hero may be extremely important to the story of Resident Evil 7.

Either way, we’ll have to wait until the new Resident Evil 7 DLC officially releases to see exactly why Chris Redfield is working for Umbrella now (if that actually is Chris) so if you’re a Resident Evil fan, be on the lookout for “Not A Hero”.