Another Mei Wall Glitch Discovered in Overwatch

Another wall glitch has surfaced for Mei in Overwatch where players can boost themselves through the environment to unintended locations.

According to a thread on the official forums, the wall glitch is doable in the hanger of Watchpoint: Gibraltar, between points A and B. Mei simply has to place her wall at the designated site for other players to climb themselves through the geometry.

This gives an unprecedented advantage over the opposing side. The player behind the environment can neither be seen nor targeted. The only thing visible is the fire animation clipping through the walls.

“A Bastion abused that and wiped our whole team, while we couldn’t do much about it,” exclaimed a disgruntled Overwatch player.

It’s unknown if the bug already existed in the game or was introduced with a recent update. Blizzard has taken note and is currently investigating the wall glitch.

This is not the first time that Mei’s walls have given trouble. A similar glitch was discovered previously by players in Watchpoint: Antartica where the wall could be scaled to get out of the map. Blizzard plugged that exploit in a patch update afterwards. It’s likely that the developer will do once again in the days to come.

In other news, D.Va has been facing a tough time with her mech after the last update. A bug sometimes causes D.Va to eject herself out of the map completely. According to lead software engineer Bill Warnecke, a hot-fix for the bug has been completed. The update should be rolled out later today for Overwatch.

Yesterday, Blizzard announced that Overwatch has reached 25 million registered players. That’s a major achievement for the team-based shooter, considering that it was only released last year. The game’s first anniversary is at the end of next month. We might possibly see a special event to celebrate the occasion.