Heroes of the Storm Esports Coverage Moves to Facebook

Blizzard has signed an exclusive agreement to move the coverage of competitive Heroes of the Storm in its entirety over to the Facebook platform.

Beginning with Season 3 of Heroes of the Dorm, all coverage will be exclusive to the social media giant and won’t be available on other platforms such as Twitch or YouTube.

“We’re excited to bring a new level of engagement to Heroes of the Dorm – through Facebook, people around the globe will be able to interact with each other in the moment, easily keep on top of the action on the go, and share their passion with friends,” said Heroes of the Dorm lead Adam Rosen in a statement.

Heroes of the Dorm brings together striving Heroes of the Storm players from colleges and universities across the coast. The previous two seasons were aired exclusively on ESPN and failed to muster any concrete audience, registering a mere 0.1 Nielsen rating.

This year, Blizzard hopes to garner a larger viewer-base for Heroes of the Storm. The switch to Facebook includes live streams for the entire season, including the Heroic Four main event, as well as additional coverage outside of the competitive circuit.

Blizzard also confirmed that all matches will remain on the official Facebook page for viewing once the live streams have ended.

Heroes of the Dorm kicks off its group stages on February 15 and will run through to the National Championship on April 8. Season 3 boasts an impressive $500,000 in scholarships and prizes for the players.

Facebook is quickly covering ground to get a fair share of the esports pie. Earlier this week, G2 Esports struck a deal with the social media giant as well to stream its European League Championship Series (EU LCS) matches on Facebook from next month.

However, unlike Blizzard, G2 Esports is not bound by any exclusivity. It is free to also air its League of Legends content on other platforms. Though, the organization believes that the Facebook platform will help it to increase its reach.