Harada Explains Why the Tekken 7 Season Pass Exists

The fighting game community is not happy to know about a Tekken 7 Season Pass which restricts content behind an unpleasant pay-wall.

There’s resentment because the Tekken franchise is not commonly known for having any sort of paid expansion packs, specially when it comes to locking characters for real-world money.

Additionally, game director and chief producer Katsuhiro Harada has always taken a stance against such practices. Last year, he went on record at numerous occasions to state that a fighting game should always be released as a complete package. Any major gameplay altering content should either be there at the start or be given away for free post-release.

Hence, the recent announcement of a Tekken 7 Season Pass took everyone by surprise.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Harada explained the reasoning behind doing so. Highlighting budget constraints, the developer reasoned that sales from the Season Pass will allow the studio to support the game for another year. In comparison, Bandai Namco has mostly supported previous Tekken iterations for just a few months after release.

“In the past, we had to stop all updates and support within 2 months after launch (Because no development Budget),” he explained. “With Season Pass, we can guarantee one year of Additional Development Cost and development Team (Retention of development team structure) from our Company/Publisher.”

More interestingly, Harada confirmed that classic characters will not be part of the paid DLC plan of Tekken 7. The Season Pass will ensure that Bandai Namco is able to release multiple free updates over the course of time.

He didn’t go into details as to whether the free updates are linked with classic characters or other form of content. In either case, his statement makes it clear that Tekken 7 will add various returning characters to its roster. It’s also likely that the developer intends to release new stages and outfits as part of the “special content” planned out for the Season Pass.

The Season Pass grants access to three content packs that will include new playable characters, stages, at least one new game mode, costume packs and a bonus 35-piece Metallica costume pack.

Tekken 7 is scheduled to hit shelves on June 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, a few months later than the previously hinted window of early 2017.