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AMD Radeon Pro ReLive Screen Capture Tool Is Free For Use

AMD released the AMD Radeon Pro ReLive drivers a while back and though there were some initial issues with the drivers, AMD is off to a great start as the company has promised users not only hardware but software updates as well and it seems that the company is sticking to that promise. AMD Radeon Pro ReLive screen capture tool has been released which allows users to record gameplay for free.

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AMD Radeon Pro ReLive screen capture tool allows you to capture gameplay up to 4K 30 FPS and you can record audio up to 320Kbps. But it seems that this feature is not for gaming and will be used for:

“CAD applications, visualization and prototyping software, and content-creation tools for collaboration, presentation, training, customer support, and more.”

AMD Radeon Pro ReLive

AMD Radeon Pro ReLive screen capture tool supports GPU-accelerated AVC (H.264) and HEVC (H.265) encoding. According to numbers, AMD claims that there will only be a 3% decrease in performance as compared to the 25% drop in performance when using Camtasia. AMD Radeon Pro ReLive screen capture tool is compatible with AMD FirePro W series, excluding AMD FirePro W2100 and Radeon Pro WX series products.

In order to use the AMD Radeon Pro ReLive screen capture tool, you will also need Windows 7 or Windows 10 64-bit with at least 2 GB of RAM. 2 GB of RAM is pretty less as compared to today’s standards especially if you are a gamer. It is most likely that you will have at least 3-8 GB of RAM and if you like living on the bleeding edge then you will most likely have 8-16 GB of RAM on your system.

The AMD Radeon Pro ReLive video included in this article will introduce you to the tool and let you know the basics of the utility. Let us know what you think of the AMD Radeon Pro ReLive screen capture tool.