Xbox Wireless Controller Now Comes With USB Cable Out Of The Box

While I am a PC gamer I have spent a long time with the Xbox One and I have to say that there is nothing much like the Xbox Wireless Controller. Even though I like to play FPS games with a mouse and keyboard the Xbox wireless controller comes in handy when you play roleplaying games and racing games.

Now that the Play Anywhere feature has been introduced the controller is more important than ever as you no longer need to buy the same title on the Xbox and PC separately.

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With the Xbox wireless controller, you now get the USB cable out of the box which can come in handy for you to charge the controller if you go for chargeable batteries. It will also come in handy for firmware updates. The Xbox wireless controller also has a better grip so it feels less slippery and more firm in your hands.

Xbox Wireless Controller

Unlike previous controllers, the Xbox wireless controller comes with a headphone jack so you can plug in any earphones or headphones and enjoy your gameplay. You also have Bluetooth support, another cool feature. Plus you are getting the USB cable with the controller so you do have the option of using the controller as a wired controller as well.

This may come in handy when you are out of batteries or maybe you just prefer a wire. I don’t know why you would not prefer going wireless but then again the world works in mysterious ways.

Note that you may need to update the firmware of the controller for Bluetooth support. The Xbox wireless controller will be available starting 2nd February but you can reserve one for yourself now. Let us know what you think about the Xbox wireless controller. Would you be interested in buying one even if you have the old one?