Ultra HD Blu-ray Drives Coming To PC, 5.25-inch Form Factor, Details

Ultra HD Blu-ray drives are coming to PC, 2 Ultra HD Blu-ray drives have been teased by Pioneer but what is interesting is what you need to run these. You will need to meet some very specific requirements to take advantage of these. You will need a 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake CPU first of all and I am sure that there are plenty of people that are not going to like making the shift. Then you will need Windows 10.

Surely there are people that feel fine with the older platforms of windows that they are running but if you want to take advantage of Ultra HD Blu-ray drives you will need to make the switch. Not only that but you will also need to get a 4K display.

This means that if you own a Core i7-6700K or the expensive Core i7-6950X that will not work out for you. You will be forced to buy the latest Kaby Lake series. One would think that this would not be worth the effort and you would be right in thinking so. I would not judge you for that. If you already own a 4K display then an ordinary Blu-ray player should be plenty for your entertainment instead of going into he hassle of buying a new CPU and a motherboard to go with it, if you are also an overclocking enthusiast.

The pricing of the Ultra HD Blu-ray drives has not be revealed yet but the company has said that the initial batch will be hitting Japan in February so you can expect to get your hands on one of these soon after that. Whether or not you chose to get one of these Ultra HD Blu-ray Drives is upto you but there are some cons in the equation that are worth considering before you go and buy one of these.

Let us know what you think about these Ultra HD Blu-ray drives.