Overwatch Reaches 25 Million Registered Players Milestone

Overwatch has taken the world by storm, the hype is real and it is unlike anything we have seen these past couple of months. Ever since the game came out people have been attached to the game. This maybe because it’s a fun game. But the characters are amazing as well and each hero has a unique story that adds to the lore of the Overwatch universe.

It is also interesting to see how Blizzard has listened to the people feedback regarding the game. First, we had the Tracer pose issue where players that the character was over sexualized.

Blizzard changed that straight away. After that, users said that there were many feminine female characters. In response to this feedback Blizzard introduced Zarya. More recently we saw that player complained about Mei’s looks. Blizzard has also responded to that saying that it was an accident and not an intended change.


Being an Overwatch player myself I am happy to share with you that Overwatch has reached 25 million registered users. This is a big achievement looking at the fact that it has not even been a year since Overwatch came out.

Let me remind you that this does not mean that at any given time there are 25 million people playing the game but we are talking about registered players. These include people that launched the game once and never came back and those that are regular players.


The interesting thing is that a few months back the game was being called a Team Fortress 2 clone and now that it has gained such popularity people have forgotten it was even accused of such a thing. Right now Overwatch is celebrating the Year of the Rooster. If you have not checked the game out yet, I recommend that you do so. Let us know what you think.