Funko Announces New Mass Effect Andromeda Funko Pops Figures

Hot on the heels of a couple of new trailers for the game, the toy makers Funko have announced their upcoming lineup of Mass Effect Andromeda Funko Pops.

The makers of Pop Vinyl toys, chibi versions of popular game and movie characters with slight bobble heads, have announced their most recent lineup of toys which just happens to be Mass Effect Andromeda Funko Pops and include a number of characters from the upcoming game.

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Mass Effect fans will be able to get the toy versions of crew members Liam Kosta, Peebee and Jaal while there is also one for the antagonist of the game, the Archon, although he doesn’t really look that scary in this cute figure.

The full list of newly announced Mass Effect Andromeda Funko Pops also has two new toys of Sara Ryder, the female main character of the game. One of these has Sara in an N7 suit while the other has her wearing a space suit coupled with a helmet.

Prior to these new six toys, Funko had already announced two other Pop Vinyls of Mass Effect Andromeda, one of Peebee without her weapon and one of Sara Ryder in a standard armor suit.

While the rest of these Mass Effect Andromeda Funko Pops are the usual sized ones, the Archon stands tall above all at six inches.

The Peebee toy with gun is exclusively available at Target stores while the masked Sara toy is available at Best Buy and N7 suited Sara is exclusive to GameStop.

Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled for a 21st March release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Bioware released a new cinematic trailer for the game yesterday as well as a new Andromeda Initiative video that puts the focus on squad mates as well as the original Pathfinder, the father of Ryder siblings.