Mass Effect: Andromeda Squadmates Get Introduced In Two New Trailers

A pair of new trailers have shown off the Mass Effect: Andromeda squadmates that players will be introduced to when the game comes out, ranging from the human Pathfinder team, to the so far three alien squadmates that we’ll be working with, including one turian, one asari, and one krogan.

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We’ve already been introduced to the three alien squadmates across other promotional videos for the game: Peebee the asari, Drack the krogan, and Vetra the turian. The new Andromeda Initiative video takes us into some of the lore behind the Pathfinder team, the group that will be exploring the Andromeda Galaxy for the Milky Way colonists.

Through that video, we’re introduced to Sam and Sarah Ryder (our two protagonists), Alec Ryder (their father, who also took part in the first jump through the Charon Mass Relay that opened up humanity to the rest of the galaxy), Liam, and Cora. All of the different colony arks have their own Pathfinder teams, which we might be working with throughout the game.

However, the Mass Effect: Andromeda squadmates also have a role with the second cinematic trailer that we also got today, which talks about how the Milky Way races arrive in the Andromeda Galaxy…and things, of course, go wrong immediately.

Apparently, with the other arks missing and the Nexus, supposed to be your mission hub, unpowered, the Pathfinder team must explore the Andromeda galaxy, meet other Andromeda races, and fight the antagonistic Khet race, led by a member of their species known only as the Archon.

Whatever the finer details of Mass Effect: Andromeda will be dealing with, hopefully all of the Mass Effect: Andromeda squadmates will be just as much of a varied group as our other teams from the original trilogy, and I personally can’t wait to explore a whole new galaxy.