Intel NUC Mini PC Releases Core i3 in Kaby Lake

The revised version of Intel NUC Mini PC lineup now comes packed with Kaby Lake chipset with a Core i3 processor sitting inside the hardware. The pricing of Intel NUC Mini PC is also revised and now comes at $295. Of course, the new version of mini PC is way better in performance and graphics display than the previous NUC machine.

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Previously, a version of Intel NUC Mini PC with a Celeron J3455 NUC Apollo Lake has been sold for $230. Now the NUC machine is revised in terms of jump in its price and processor. It will be equipped with Intel Core i3 NUC Kaby Lake and priced at $295. The NUC machine will be designed to come in darker case as compared to other models that are out in brighter cases. See the image below.

Intel, NUC, Mini PC, Core i5, release

Currently, two versions of Intel NUC Mini PC with a Core i3 processor are available for purchase at The product names are BOXNUC713BNK and BOXNUC713BNH. The changed suffix of both products: BNK and BNH are named different based on small change in hardware.

However, both versions use Intel Core i3-7100U 2 workers (15 watts), Intel HD Graphics with 620 HP supports gigabit Ethernet. For display an HDMI port and 4 USB 3.0 ports plus one USB Type-C (with can be used as early as the 2nd screen alongside familiar DisplayPort 1.2).

Moreover, the only difference between BNK and BNH NUC hardware is that BNH comes with enough room to attach a SSD and a hard drive of 2.6-inch. But, BNK model is only limited to M.2 slot only.

Furthermore, at this moment no information is available regarding the capacity of hard drive that will come with both variants. Neither is there any information on the operating system that Intel NUC mini PC will support as base OS. However, with specs like a Core i3 inside, one can assume it may come out with a 32GB RAM for better performance and graphics display in small form factor machine.

The expected launch date is timed for later this year. Moreover, Intel said it will launch more versions of NUC with Core i5 and Core i7 Kaby Lake processors sitting inside them.