See First Images Of GTA V Liberty City Mod In Development

The modders over at OpenIV have finally shared the first look at the GTA V Liberty City mod, currently under development for Rockstar’s open world game.

As expected, the mod will only be available on PC and the GTA V Liberty City mod aims to add the world of GTA IV into Los Santos.

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Modeled after New York City, Liberty City has been a part of the GTA franchise since the start and is also the most used city in the game series. The city was the main playable area in the original GTA game, GTA III, Liberty City Stories and GTA IV as well as numerous side games and spin-offs such as The Ballad of Gay Tony.

The GTA V Liberty City mod will be using the GTA IV version of the city, altered even further by the modders at OpenIV and be incorporated into the world of Los Santos.

Currently the mod is in alpha stage and the screenshots shared seem to suggest the progress is going really well.

While the mod does aim to locations and vehicles from Liberty City, it is unclear whether all the content such as traffic, subway or even radio stations will be included or not.

However, there is no playable version of the mod available yet or any info on when the mod will be available to the general public or for beta testing.

The creators of the mod even shared a teaser trailer earlier this month. The team is also looking for donations to help with the modding.

There have been a number of attempts in the past, since GTA V launched on PC, to recreate Liberty City in the game but the projects were either shutdown due to lack of interest or some other conflict.

Hopefully, this new mod doesn’t end up in some controversy such as stolen assets from other mods and results in it getting shut down.