Hitman’s Next Bonus Mission ‘Landslide’ Out Next Week, 19th Elusive Target Now Live

IO Interactive and Square Enix have shared the reveal trailer for the 3rd bonus Hitman mission titled Landslide.

The upcoming bonus mission also takes place in Sapienza with Agent 47’s eyes set upon another target. You can find the recently released trailer attached above!

Hitman 3rd Bonus Mission ‘Landslide’ Receives Reveal Trailer

The sun is about to set in Sapienza, with locals gathering in the piazza for a small concert planned by the harbor.

According to the trailer’s official description, Marco Abiatti who is a wealthy businessman and right-wing politician with close ties to Mafia has staged an early evening near Sapienza’s beach to celebrate him becoming the mayor.

Agent 47, on the other hand, has slightly different plans that culminate with Abiatti meeting his demise instead of being the mayor:

In Sapienza the sun is about to set, the locals have gathered in the piazza for a small concert by the harbor. Marco Abiatti – a wealthy businessman with mafia ties turned right-wing politician, has staged an early evening event near Sapienza’s beach. Agent 47 must ensure this would-be patrician does not become mayor.

The new bonus mission is planned to release alongside the new ‘Professional’ difficulty and the game’s retail disc release on Jan. 31, 2017.

In addition to this, the game’s 19th elusive target is now live – across all platforms – through Monday, Feb. 06, 2017, 01:00 PM GMT/11:00 AM PT.

The elusive target #19 The Blackmailer has also received a trailer which can be seen attached below:

Hitman is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.