1.7 Billion Fake, False And Bad Google Ads Will Be Removed

The search and advertising giant Google worries about the fake, false and bad Google Ads surfacing over the internet without proper control and takes responsibility into hands to delete 1.7 billion bad Google Ads. The company announced in its Blog post that Google has deleted over 1.7 billion bad Google Ads last year because they violated the advertising guidelines.

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The company aims to take down bad ads falling into three categories, which are:

  • Fake News or Fake pills
  • Ruinous loans and malware
  • Always modern: counterfeits

First, Fake news dominates the political debate and advertisers do not miss the opportunity to mislead the users to click bait and users reach at a website which most of the times advertise for pills or diet pills in particularly. So Google has in its new report identified a new category of fraudsters to the unscrupulous advertising providers, the so-called “tabloid cloaker”. They are the type of adverts which may seem headlines or pictures of celebrities but they direct the interested parties to some buy pill websites. Based on this, Google closed 1300 accounts last year.

Second, so-called “payday loans” forbidden and short term loans that are especially conveyed to low income and can have ruinous consequences for these customers because of the high-interest rates and aggressive practices. Google dropped five million Google Ads and threw 8,000 websites from the advertising networks that were advertising for such loans.

Additionally, besides all the fraudulent loans and damage to low-income customers, these sort of bad ads also damaged the visitors. Google discovered that 900,000 ads of such type of ads install malicious software on their machine while visiting.

Third, Google deleted 1.7 billion bad Google Ads for illegal gambling providers and 68 million advertisements for unauthorized medical devices. 6000 accounts of advertisers were suspended because they were for fake products like imitations of luxury wristwatches.

Google aims to double the delete count of Google Ads ads if violation kept on increasing in concurrent years, currently, it aims to delete another 1.7 billion bad ads this year also or may increase the delete count if the violation continues to happen.