For Honor Closed Beta PC Workarounds To Launch The Game

The For Honor closed beta is currently underway on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Given that it’s a beta and the game is still in development, many issues are to be expected that might prevent players from having a smooth experience on PC.

For such issues, hopefully this For Honor closed beta workaround guide should be useful and help players test out the upcoming Ubisoft game before deciding to purchase it.

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Some of these workarounds come directly from Ubisoft who mentioned that they are aware of these issues and will try to fix them as soon as possible. Community members have also submitted their own experiences with the issues and potential workarounds.

If players are unable to even launch the game through Uplay, forget actually playing the match, the following methods might help.

  • Run Uplay in Administrator mode by going to the Properties and checking “Run This Program as Admin”
  • Completely disable anti-virus program while trying to run the For Honor closed beta
  • For those running BitDefender, it can be useful to disable Active Threat Control
  • Force the PC to use dedicated GPU if players are using a laptop so that the integrated Intel GPU doesn’t try to run the game.
  • Try moving the game to a different hard drive partition. Game files can be copied to a new location, game uninstalled from Uplay and then clicking on the “Locate installed game” button on the Uplay client
  • Sometimes, a connected controller can also cause such issues. In such a case, players should try unplugging their controller and wait for the game to fully launch before connecting it back
  • Verify integrity of the game files by going to the Properties section in Uplay client. This can be useful for those who get the error regarding Easy AntiCheat.

For Honor closed beta runs till 29th January. The actual game is set to launch on 14th Febuary and hopefully such issues will not plague the launch.