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Civilization 6 Mod Tools Are Still In Development According To Developers

Civilization 6 fans have been waiting for Steam Workshop support for quite sometime and it seems like Firaxis still has plans to implement the feature in the game.

Firaxis’ Pete Murray reassured fans during a recent livestream that official Civilization 6 mod tools and Steam Workshop support is still under development and hasn’t been scrapped.

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During the Twitch stream focusing on Civilization 6 multiplayer, he said

the team is working on those, and when we have more information to share with you, we will be sure to do so.

Another feature which Murray mentioned will be added to the game soon enough is the option to create teams in multiplayer.

Despite being a turn-based game, Civilization 6 and its previous iterations has an active multiplayer community and team based matches can be really fun.

Firaxis had talked about the inclusion of multiplayer teams in the past but hadn’t really shared any further details. This time, they have once again mentioned the feature is in development although no new information regarding it was shared.

Despite not having official mod tools or workshop support, Civilization 6 has still led to the creation of numerous mods which the community is already enjoying through third party website downloads.

While the mods might not be of the same quality or variety of those made for Civilization 5 or even the recent XCOM 2, which recently spawned the Long War mod, the community is actively working to breath new life into the game.

Of course part of XCOM 2’s success where modding is concerned has to do with the fact that the game launched with official mod tools and workshop support, something which Civilization 6 is still lacking.

Hopefully, the features will be in place soon and once they are, the game will be booming again and might even surpass Civilization 5 as the most played Civilization game on Steam.