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XFX RX 460, True Polaris 11, Overclocking Head Room, 1024 SPs

We previously learned that the RX 460 was locked and that people were not getting the full potential of Polaris 11 and while there are ways of unlocking the cards potential I am sure that there are people that would rather buy a new one than fiddle around with advanced settings. For people that are looking for the unlocked version or just looking for a new entry-level GPU here is the unlocked XFX RX 460.

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The unlocked XFX RX 460 has 1024 stream processors and has a black and red color scheme which resembles the cards of old. The fans are hard swap fans so you can change then and they are easily removable if you want to clean them and stuff. With the new XFX RX 460 you can expect an 8% increase in performance as compared to the previous version of the GPU.

This performance gain may not be much for some people but looking at the price of the GPU it is great value for money so getting the extra bang for your buck is worth it in the end. You will need a single 6-pin power connector in order to power this GPU.

XFX RX 460 Benchmarks

3DMark Fire Strike

XFX RX 460

When it comes to 3DMark Fire Strike the XFX RX 460 was able to score 6455 graphics points and 5618 overall.

3DMark Fire Strike Extreme

XFX RX 460

3DMark Fire Strike Extreme graphics score was 2861 with an overall score of 2740.

3DMark Time Spy

XFX RX 460

In 3DMark Time Spy the card scored 2147 overall.

The XFX RX 460 is a great budget GPU for someone who is looking for an entry level GPU. If you are in the market for a budget GPU then you should check this out as well. Not only will it runs games better than integrated graphics but it also looks good too.

Let us know what you think about the XFX RX 460?