We’re Still Getting Kingdom Hearts 3 On Xbox One: Logo Removal Was Error

A little while ago, the Xbox One emblem was removed from the official Kingdom Hearts 3 site, sparking some fears that the game wouldn’t be coming to the console like previously advertised. However, according to Square Enix, the removal was in error, and Kingdom Hearts 3 on Xbox One is still coming.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the first Kingdom Hearts game on an Xbox console, as despite numerous ports to the Nintendo DS, 3DS, and others, the series (which combines Final Fantasy, Disney, and a few original characters into a story all its own) has normally been exclusive to Playstation consoles. While KH3 is coming out on the Xbox One, however, there’s no information on whether we’ll get a remastered and ported compilation of the other games like the Playstation line has repeatedly gotten.

The addition of Kingdom Hearts 3 on Xbox One consoles is likely another part of the Square Enix business strategy of branching out with some of its most popular IPs to no longer be Playstation exclusive, as they’ve been doing for Final Fantasy in the last few years; Final Fantasy 13 and its two sequels were all on the Xbox 360, while Final Fantasy 15, the most recent entry into the series, also got an Xbox One version.

However, it’s not like the rest of the Kingdom Hearts fanbase has any reason to worry: with such a highly popular and long-running series having long been exclusive to the Playstation, and with Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (a compilation of three of the ancillary Kingdom Hearts games) exclusive to the Playstation 4, it’s likely that Square Enix wouldn’t lose very much sleep over removing the port.

While there’s still no release date announced for when we’ll be seeing Kingdom Hearts 3 on Xbox One and Playstation 4, the anticipation is definitely building for many as the long-awaited arrival of the game gets closer and closer.