Playstation Network Maintenance Is Coming January 31, Get Ready

Playstation owners may want to make arrangements to be doing something else on the night of January 31, as that’s when the first Playstation Network maintenance of 2017 is going to be taking place. From 6:30 to 7:30 Pacific Time, the Playstation Network will be offline as Playstation implements improvements and routine maintenance work.

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Online maintenance is one of the regularities of the Playstation Network, but it won’t be the end of your gaming if you’re on the Playstation Network while the maintenance is going on. According to Playstation you’ll still be able to play games online and whatnot. However, you won’t be able to access your Account Management, Playstation Video, or the Playstation Store.

There’s a bit of speculation that the reasoning behind the Playstation Network maintenance is going to be preparing for the Playstation 4 4.50 Update beta, which will likely be adding in a number of new features to the Playstation 4 and its interface. Previously, the Playstation 3 had gotten its 4.50 update brought up three years ago, but now it’s the Playstation 4’s turn to get the next version of its operating system up to date.

The Playstation Network maintenance will, thankfully, only be affecting the Playstation 4, so if you also have a Playstation 3 you don’t have to worry about losing anything while you’re browsing the store or watching a movie on Playstation video.

So, if you’re planning on doing anything else on January 31 that revolves around a movie, you might as well try and find something else to do, at least for an hour. Otherwise, you should be able to play whatever you want on the Playstation 4, whether it’s a single-player game that you’re playing alone, or even a multiplayer game like Destiny, Final Fantasy 14, or something else.

Even if you’re going to be inconvenienced by the Playstation Network maintenance, at least it only lasts an hour.