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Gigabyte GTX 1080 AORUS Xtreme Edition, Triple Slot Card, RGB Fans

We have more details regarding the Gigabyte GTX 1080 AORUS and if you were wondering how many slots this GPU will take then let me tell you that the Gigabyte GTX 1080 AORUS is going to be taking up 3 slots in your case. This is not for people with a small case. There are three fans on the card and the middle one is a bit lower than the other.

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Another interesting thing is that the middle fan runs the other way around. This means that that side fans spin the same way but the middle fan spins in the opposite direction. According to Gigabyte this allows for better flow of air and allows for larger fans to be installed without impacting the size of the card too much.

Gigabyte GTX 1080 AORUS

The design is similar to the GTX1080 Xtreme Gaming but the card is larger and the colors are a bit different as well. You can customize the color of the LED lights on the top. The GPU runs in two modes game mode and OC mode. In game mode, you get 1759 MHz base clock and 1898 MHz boost clock. Memory frequency is 1275 MHz. OC mode gives you 1784 MHz base clock and 1936 MHz boost clock while the memory is clocked at 1300 MHz.

Gigabyte GTX 1080 AORUS

You will need two 8-pin power connectors to power the Gigabyte GTX 1080 AORUS. At the end of the card, you will find two HDMI ports for VR enthusiasts. If you own a VR headset then this will be a cool feature for you. At the back of the Gigabyte GTX 1080 AORUS you have the backplate and a copperplate as well. This will strengthen the card and also make heat dissipation easier and quicker.

Gigabyte GTX 1080 AORUS

The back plate is separate from the copper plate and can be removed if you want to. But I do not see why you would want to do that. For more details click here. What do you think about the Gigabyte GTX 1080 AORUS Xtreme Edition?