Eliza Features Unique Meter Mechanic in Tekken 7

A couple of days back, Bandai Namco finally lifted the lid off the impending console release of Tekken 7 this year in the west.

Eliza, the 1000-year old vampire who made her debut in Tekken Revolution as a fan-voted character, is returning to Tekken 7 as a pre-order bonus incentive across all platforms. An accompanying trailer showcased her in action, giving us a glimpse of her sensual and versatile attacks as well as a weird case of narcolepsy.

More importantly, some of her attack patterns hinted at meter usage. Flying Wonkey from Avoid the Puddle took to Twitter earlier today to confirm the very aspect.

Eliza will indeed be managing her very own meter, which is likely going to boost some of her attacks and might as well link different setups. However, it’s unknown as to just how the meter will work. It’s possible that she’ll be charging the meter through her blood-sucking abilities. Some fan-crafted theories also link the meter usage to her sleeping tendencies.

Meter management isn’t something new to Tekken 7. However, Eliza is only the second character in the new installment to be boasting one. Prior to her, it was Street Fighter guest character Akuma who was revealed last year to have his own meter. In his case, it was pretty much given since meter management is a core part of Street Fighter gameplay.

Tekken 7 is confirmed for an official release on June 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, a few months later than the previously hinted window of early 2017.

The new installment is already knee-deep in controversy for having a Season Pass. To make matters worse, the expensive Collector’s Edition being sold in North and South America does not include the Season Pass which is ludicrous.