Elite Dangerous Players Have Been Tasked With A Quest To Find Alien Data For Massive Rewards

A new quest has popped up in Elite Dangerous which has all the community members, well communicating, to solve it and earn some massive prize money in the form of in-game cash.

Recently, a player made contact with the alien species Thargoids for the first time in the history of the game. Shortly after that, an NPC named Ram Tah started offering quests to all the Elite Dangerous players.

The quest given by Ram Tah requires players to go to some alien ruins and extract data from there.

Those successful in extracting the data from all the ruins would be rewarded 100 million credits, which can buy some of the best ships in the game.

However, no one has been able to achieve the complete objective yet, although some have gone past 10 million credits worth of data.

Apparently, the ruins come to life and rise up into the air as players approach them making it difficult to actually enter them, decode and then extract the valuable data.

There are numerous theories floating around the official Elite Dangerous forums on how to best approach the objective sites as well as listing more locations for the alien ruins. Players have been combing through planets that rotate anti-clockwise to their star in hopes of finding more ruins.

The list of planets with such ruins has since then been decreased to four potential planets, all of them pretty much the size of actual planets given the scope of the game.

While players are actively searching through the surfaces of those planets and sharing their findings, fully combing through each planet does indeed take time which is why there is no concrete proof of ruin presence yet.

There is a time limit on this quest and the community has to complete it within three weeks for the reward money. Thankfully, the data is actively compiled in this forum post to help all the players.