Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough – The Yard And The Old House Explored, Burner Location, How To Evade Marguerite

With the 3 Dog’s Head puzzle done its time to explore a new area, the Yard And The Old House. This Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough will take you to the Old House and will help you find the Burner.

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough – The Yard And The Old House

The Yard
Once you have placed the Three Dog’s Head on the Main Hall door you will leave the Main House and will enter the Yard. Firstly, in the porch grab the herb and the gun powder on the left side. Now come back to the door and investigate the pot placed on the right side of the steps and you will find a lockpick.

Now take a right from the corner and you will find an Antique Coin on the pot in the grass.

Here you will also see a trailer, approach it and there is MR. Everywhere head underneath from where you enter. Inside there are also other things to collect too, like a broken handgun on the bed, Zoe’s investigation notes file on the pinboard and an Antique Coin on the table.

There is also a VHS tape Item Box and Save Point. You will also find birdcages where you can spend Antique Coins to buy steroids, Stabilizer, and other items. If you want to manage your inventory then holding on to your knife will come in handy in the future and you can deposit the Scorpion key for now.

As you leave the safe house the phone will ring, pick it up and after the conversation is over go back to The Yard. Go to the North East path over the bridge and you’ll come to the Old House. Smash the crates on the side grab the ammo and enter the Old House.

The Old House
If you played the Mia Tape found in the Recreation room then you will find the Old House very similar.

Equip your knife as soon as you enter and kill any large insects coming your way. Go into the living room to your right, it will be filled with insect nests that can’t be properly cleared right now.

Instead to the left and north through the door by the watery expanse in the middle of the room. You will enter The Guest Room and on the wall “She’s upstairs, don’t go up” is written there will be an insect nest ahead and a swarm will attack you.

While you can kill the insects with current weapons but for now run through the room to the door on the other side. In this corridor go right into the room and check the cupboards and wardrobes for consumables. You can also kill the spiders on the locker for more consumables.

Old House Safe House Location And The Burner Location
Now go north through the door to go outside and immediately turn right on the porch and at the end collect the Psychostimulants and a Lockpick. Now go up through the walkway and take a right and you will enter the Water Station Outhouse. Here you will collect a burner nozzle which is the first part of the Flamethrower.

Now go back into the house and go east through the Dining Room to the corridor then take the east door to the Gallery. Here you will find the Old House Map on the table to the left and kill any large insects that come towards you through the window.

Make your way through the Gallery to the outside where you will get the Burner Grip. Now combine it with the nozzle you found earlier and you will get a Burner. You can make ammo for the burner by combining Chem Fluid with the Solid Fuel.

Go to the West and you will find a safe house across the bridge. There is a backpack on the table that will add more slots to your inventory and there is a Mr. Everywhere head to the left of the Item Box.

The Cellar And How To Evade Marguerite
Now you have burner it is time to revisit the Living Room full of insect nests. Burn the insects and their nests to make your life easier and then head through the passage. Before you go through the passage there is a Mr. Everywhere statue behind the wooden pallet on the left wall and an Antique Coin to the left of the door.

Once in the cellar approach the fence on the right and a cutscene will trigger, then pick up the Stone Statuette from the table.

Now head to the Gallery but going through the door by the Dining Hall you will find Marguerite in your way. Go through the entrance towards the Guest Room and in the following corridor she is waiting for you.

As you did in the Mia VHS tape, just hide behind the crate and she will ignore you and will go through the other room and the path to the Gallery will b clear. Once in the Gallery place the Stone Statuette on the plinth and rotate it until it matches the spider on the wall which will solve the Venomous Predator puzzle.

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