Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough – Dissection Room Key Location, The Incinerator Room Puzzle, Scorpion Key Location

Processing area is where the difficulty for Resident Evil 7 elevates and this Resident Evil 7 walkthrough will guide you about how to avoid danger, solve puzzles in an ongoing effort to find the third and final Dog Skull, and find the Scorpion key in order to explore more of the Main House.

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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough Processing Area

The Incinerator Room puzzle And Dissection Room Key Location
Make your way downstairs from the safe room into the Processing Area and follow the twisting corridor and after two or three corners a monster will attack. This monster can’t be outrun so you will have to kill it, three headshots to the head should take care of this monster.

Once the monster is taken care of, go through the door on the right into the Incinerator Room and there will be another monster inside waiting for you. Kill it and explore the area. Read the “Incinerator Room Memo” above the sink to get the clue for the puzzle: three a’s and a handprint.

You need to open the incinerator doors in a specific order. Three a’s mean one of the names with three a’s which is Tamara. Now open the door with the bloody handprint which is on far right and then the door without a name tag which is the third from the left.

The far door will now unlock. Before going through the door lock and load and make sure you are healed. Once you enter the room a more powerful variant of the monsters you previously encountered will appear.

Killing this monster will take some work and once it is dead you will obtain the DIsection Room key.

The Scorpion Key Location
Now leave the Incinerator Room and go south and you will find a door on the left that will take you to the Workshop but it’s locked. Go left from there which will take you to the Boiler Room and the Dissection Room but the way ahead is full of monsters so be careful.

Go down the corridor and pull the corrugated divide at the end to reach an open room. Take a turn to the left and pick up the Antique Coin from inside the piece of broken wall. Smash the crates to get the consumables and the Processing Area map.

Continue Exploring the room and you will come across the Scorpion Key on the table, which unlocks a lot of doors in other parts of the house. On the rack at the corner of the room, you will find the Treasure Photo.

This photo shows a fireplace from the Drawing Room on the 1F. Come back to the fireplace showcased in the photo and removing the stone on the upper left will give you steroids which will increase your maximum health permanently.

You will also find other consumables like a herb in the cage, then go through the southwest door and go down the stairs which will lead you to the locked snake door. However, you will find shotgun shells and destroy the Mr. Everywhere statue in the corner.

Go back upstairs ad unlock the remaining door but watch out for the creature that will drop in front of you just before you unlock. The door will take you back to the Main Hall and you can use the scorpion key to go directly to the safe room from there.

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