Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough – The Dissection Room, Morgue Boss Fight, Third Dog’s Head Location

The path to the Dissection Room is a treacherous one and is one of the toughest game moments. So this Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough will guide you about how to get to the Dissection Room and the Morgue boss fight.

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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough

How To Get To Dissection Room
Before you make you way towards the Dissection Room make sure you have the Scorpion Key and you are well equipped. If you are, then go to the Boiler Room, also investigate the bath tubs along the way to get some consumables.

As you approach the short steps around the corner two monsters will pop up, one will be right ahead of you and the other will be coming from the corner near where you entered the room.

Back away to the doorway from where you came so you won’t get cornered and you have to fight them off. An easier way to take care of these monsters is to slowly explore the room so they will pop up one at a time.

Continue forward through the doorway once you have taken care of these monsters and you will enter a room with giant boilers and there three more creatures will spawn, one will be on your left and other two will be ahead of you.

If you have a shotgun then these encounters are quite easy, and if you don’t have it yet then check out our Guide To How To Get Shotgun.

When the Boiler Room is cleared go through the door with the DIsection Room Key.

Dissection Room
You will find the third Dog’s Head in the Dissection Room, grabbing it will trigger a cutscene. There are shotgun shells in the right locker and then go down the steps where you will find more shotgun shells and a herb. Now go through the door.

You are now just outside the Morgue and before you attempt to take the final Dog’s Head hanging above the room grab all the items you can in the room and then grab the Head and the boss fight will initiate.

Jack Morgue Boss Fight
Just like the Garage Boss Fight, there are tricks to survive the Morgue Boss fight. Also, shooting Jack is useless so conserve the ammo and try to evade. Notice Jack’s movement and whenever you get the chance use the hanging bodies to stun him, specifically when he is about to attack.

Keep doing this for a while and Jack will tear down the back fence and will equip a powerful weapon. Keep your distance from Jack and as soon as you get the chance go to the place where Jack got the weapon and equip the chainsaw.

The chainsaw will help you to fight back and the tactics remain the same. Just keep your distance stun him and then attack with the chainsaw. After few hits, Jack will drop down on his knees and will mutate and you will have the chance to hit him once. Keep doing this and after some time he will go down. If you are low on health during the fight then there is a First Aid Med in the corner you can grab and quickly use.

With the boss fight done make your way to the Processing Area and then to the safe room to save the game and heal yourself. Now go to the Main Hall to make use of the 3rd and final Dog’s Head and you will progress to the next area, the Yard and Old House.

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