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Overwatch Skins Accidentally Made Mei Look Thinner

Overwatch is celebrating the year of the rooster event and gamers have been treated to some cool new character skins. One thing that I thought was weird was that Mei seemed to have lost about 20 pounds since the update. But I thought maybe that was just me but looking into the matter at hand it turns out I was right in thinking so and that it is actually a mistake on the developer’s end.

It seems that I was not the only one who thought there was a weight loss when it came to Mei as Blizzard has been informed of this bug by hundreds of people that love Mei for being a thicker than average video game character.

People have a good reason behind this as well. Seeing how the Overwatch universe has deep lore and every Overwatch character has his/ her story, it would be logical for people to note such things and to make a fuss about such changes. It goes to show how much the game is appreciated and how much people are fond of the deep backstories.


Blizzard stated that it was a bug that was causing these issues and that there would be a fix in the new patch. For the company to be making such a statement I can’t help but wonder how many people would have complained about this little issue.

Blizzard will be earning some points when it comes to listening to the fans and this will not be the first time that drastic changes were brought to the game because people wanted change.


Previously there was an incident where a Tracer victory pose was removed because players thought it was too sexualized. Blizzard removed that pose from the game and now we have a similar situation. I think fans should acknowledge the fact that their feedback is being taken seriously. What do you think about the new Overwatch update?