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Overwatch is 49% Off, Deal Of The Week On PlayStation Store

The Overwatch craze is real and not only has the game won the hearts of the gaming community, it has also won many awards including the game of the year. If you have not played the game yet and own a PS4 then here is your chance to get the game at half price. You will be getting the Overwatch Origin Edition which means that you get a couple of skins with the game which you do not get in the standard version of the game.

The deal of the week promo was off for a while but it is back and what better game to continue the promo than Overwatch? While I do think that the best experience is with a mouse and keyboard and that is how I play the game, I do not see why console players should not join in the fun as well.

If you are interested in getting Overwatch then this promo should motivate you enough to get the game. It is on half price after all. There are also other deals on the PlayStation store that you can check out.

Until the 8th of February, you will be offered games under 20 Euros so keep an eye open for that but the Overwatch promo only lasts for a week so make up your mind quick before the offer expires.

As of right now, the Overwatch community is celebrating the year of the rooster. Players are getting some exciting new character skins. That could also be a reason for you to join in the action now. Let us know what you think about these discounts and whether or not you will be taking advantage of these promotional prices or not.

If you want to learn more about the year of the rooster you can check out the details here.