Nvidia Quadro P6000 Benchmarks Against The Nvidia Titan X & GTX 1080

The Nvidia Quadro P6000 may not be for gaming but that does not stop PC enthusiasts from testing the performance of the GPU. Plus these benchmarks suggest that the Nvidia Quadro P6000 was able to beat the Titan X in gaming even though it has not been made for that purpose. It is interesting to see what kind of gaming performance you can get out of a professional GPU.

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Nvidia Quadro P6000

The Nvidia Quadro P6000 is the most powerful GPU that is produced by Nvidia at the moment. It will be interesting for you to learn that the Nvidia Quadro P6000 is the only GP102-based that has all Cuda cores unlocked. The Titan XP in comparison has 3584 cores.

Nvidia Quadro P6000 Benchmarks

Time Spy

Nvidia Quadro P6000

In this benchmark, the Nvidia Quadro P6000 managed to achieve a score of 8698 overall. The Titan X, on the other hand, scored 8175 points. But what does this mean when you talk about gaming? Well, what better way to show that than by testing out an actual game.

Nvidia Quadro P6000 Gaming Benchmarks


Nvidia Quadro P6000

The Nvidia Quadro P6000 was testing with Hitman and we can see the gaming performance of the card as compared to the Titan X, the GTX 1080 and some professional AMD cards. Here we see a difference of 10 FPS on average comparing the P6000 with the Titan X. The P6000 does much better when it comes to minimum FPS. Remember that the game is running at 4K with the settings at max.

Factor in the price of the Quadro P6000 and the performance will not surprise you but it is not good value for money either. It is four times the cost of the already very expensive Titan X. It is not recommended that you get one for gaming and this testing is just for the fun of it. What do you think about these benchmarks?