Nvidia GeForce GTX 3080: Volta Architecture, GDDR6/HBM2 Memory

Rumors claim that the flagship Nvidia GeForce GTX 3080 will be based on the Volta architecture and that the GPU will support HBM2 memory. Word also has it that the GPU will feature a custom 12nm process from TSMC. Keep in mind that this is partly rumor and partly speculation but we expect to get a better idea of what Nvidia has in store for us at GTC 2017 which will be taking place in May.

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The shift to the 12nm process will allow for better performance and that will be much appreciated. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 3080 will be the flagship, Volta based architecture and not the GTX 2080 as Nivida will be refreshing their existing lineup for the next wave of GPUs. Nvidia has spent a lot of money on Pascal so it is unlikely that the company will be offering the new architecture so soon and it will be getting its money’s worth from the investment and time put into Pascal.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 3080

GTX 20 GPUs Will Be Refreshed Pascal Cards

Pascal has been pretty successful and of you already have a 10 series GPU then you should be fine as the 20 series GPU will not be a significant upgrade as compared to what is currently available. What can you expect from the GTX 20 series? You can expect 10-15% performance improvement over 10 series GPUs, lower operating temperatures, and more overclocking potential but that is pretty much all you are going to get.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 3080

Nvidia GeForce GTX 3080 And 30 Series GPUs

Volta Architecture will be reserved for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 3080 and 30 series GPUs. These GPUs will also feature HBM2 memory and it is unlikely that the 20 series GPUs will also be getting it. We expect to see at least 3 Volta based GPUs coming out in 2018, GV104, GV102, and GV110. Nvidia GeForce GTX 3080 and the 3070 will be powered by the GV104 core.

Taking things to the next level I think that the GV102 will power the upcoming Titan X successor and it could feature 32GB Ram. Though this may sound like a lot but we are talking about a product that will be coming out a year from now, so that is a lot that can happen in this time period.