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New Xbox One Scorpio Leak Shows ESRAM Gone, Reveals GPU Specs

Digital Foundry managed to get their hands on a number of files that talked about the Xbox One Scorpio, Microsoft’s answer to the Playstation 4 Pro. While the console is due to release sometime in the coming months, the new Xbox One Scorpio leak’s information has some ups and downs to it.

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According to Digital Foundry’s leak, the console’s ESRAM system, long a system of contention among many gamers on the original Xbox One, is gone to start with. ESRAM was a part of the Xbox One that was designed to mitigate the lower-speed DDR3 system RAM that the Xbox One used.

However, despite the program not being used in the Xbox One Scorpio, Microsoft will continue to support it on its older consoles, as developers aren’t going to be allowed to ship a Scorpio-exclusive game.

Next on the new Xbox One Scorpio leak apparently shows how the Scorpio’s often-mentioned 6 teraflop GPU is going to be divided up among the different parts of the console.

So far, the leaked notes says that the GPU is not going to be spent entirely on resolution by developers, but instead will also be used to do things like make higher fidelity shadows, reflections, texture filtering, and lower draw distances.

The Playstation 4 Pro, in contrast, has had a rather spotty record when it comes to upgrading multiple games for it, with many of the titles having trouble doubling their framerates like they were supposed to by going from 30 to 60 frames per second.

While there’s no guarantee that the Xbox One Scorpio’s GPU will be able to do that, the new Xbox One Scorpio leak has said that a compromise may be made by running GPU elements at double the speed, while interpolating CPU Bound elements.

If you’d like to see Digital Foundry’s full, exhaustive analysis of the leaked notes, you can follow the link to its Eurogamer article here, or look at its video analysis above.