Heroes of The Storm Lunar Festival Brings New Themed Skins And Mounts

Alongside Overwatch, Blizzard has also started Heroes of the Storm Lunar Festival event which will last till 14th February and reward players with new skins, mounts and other rewards.

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Building upon the game’s quest mechanic, Heroes of the Storm Lunar Festival will give players a new quest every day in which they will have to complete the Rooster Race.

If the player or any of the party members haven’t completed the quest for the day, there is a chance that upon starting a match a Lunar Rooster will spawn and players will have to work as a team to help the Rooster cross the finish line before the time runs out.

The event sounds a bit similar to the treasure goblin event from the Diablo themed event that was done earlier.

Festive items will be scattered around the core and players will have to collect them with their team mates and deliver to the Rooster. Four items delivered will ensure the Rooster crosses the finish line.

Completing the daily quest will reward players with 200 Gold while completing the race 25 times during the event will give a free Lunar Rooster mount and a Lunar Rooster portrait.

The in-game cosmetic shop has also been updated with Heroes of the Storm Lunar Festival themed items.

The 2017 Lunar Festival Bundle will include a Monkey King skin for Samuro and Lunar themed skin for Li-Ming. The bundle will also have a Nimbus Cloud mount in it to make up for the price. Like other bundles, this will only be purchaseable through real currency.

To make sure that those who don’t want to spend extra money on the game, the final addition with the Heroes of the Storm Lunar Festival is a Golden Rooster mount which can be purchased by anyone for 10,000 Gold.