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Courage of the Colossus Receives Its Biggest Nerf Yet

Despite being toned down during the pre-season, Courage of the Colossus was still proving to be too overwhelming for opponents in League of Legends.

As a result, Riot Games is pointing its nerf-gun at the Keystone mastery yet again. Patch 7.2 intends to take away the lane dominance from Courage of the Colossus. Champions boasting the Keystone mastery will no longer be backed by massive sustainability, especially in 1 vs. 1 scenarios.

As such, the shield value of the mastery is being changed to scale with the number of nearby enemies. Against a single enemy champion, the shield value will be significantly lower compared to before. Additionally, the shield duration is also being lowered by one second.

  • Shield Duration: 4 seconds ⇒ 3 seconds
  • Base Shield: 10-180 (at levels 1-18) ⇒ 3 – 54 (at levels 1-18) per enemy champion (maximum 15 – 270)

According to Riot Games, Courage of the Colossus was originally designed for team-fights. The changes were necessary because it had pretty much become the go-to mastery for every tanky champion. There was simply no reason to opt for the other Keystone masteries.

However, Patch 7.2 changes that. A number of champions like Darius may not want to step on the Rift with Courage of the Colossus any more. This also means more breathing room for Grasp of the Undying and the mobility it provides to trade with enemy champions.

There has been a prominent request from the League of Legends community for Riot Games to address the other Keystones. Prior to the new patch notes, Courage of the Colossus was the sole pick in the Resolve tree. Only a few champions that can be counted on one hand utilized the other Keystone masteries in the tree. Grasp of the Undying and Bond of Stone simply need to provide more incentives. At present, picking a Keystone mastery in the Resolve tree is only forceful.