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First Battlefield 1 Expansion “They Shall Not Pass” Has Been Announced

EA DICE has announced its first Battlefield 1 expansion, titled “They Shall Not Pass”. The expansion will be debuting in March, and will include a number of new maps, new vehicles, and a new army, the French Army, which was not initially included in the game despite being a major participant.

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In They Shall Not Pass, players will be taken to four different areas of the Western Front, ranging from the front lines of Verdun, to the Battle of Soissons, to the devastated Fort Vaux, and even to the poppy fields of Fontenoy.

The new Battlefield 1 expansion seems to be making it its mission to bring more players back to how the first level of the game’s single-player was, going back to the muddy, destroyed lands of France.

Also included in addition to the maps and the French Army is a new game mode, called “Frontlines”. A mixture of Conquest and Rush, Frontlines will have both teams moving back and forth as they take a single flag on the map, with the action moving to a new location every time the flag is captured.

Players will also be getting a new Behemoth to drive in order to try and turn the tide of the battle in the form of the French Char 2C tank, a super-heavy hunk of metal that could turn the tide of a match for you if you’re on the losing side.

Also included is the new Saint Charmond tank (finally giving players on the Entente side a different option than the British Mark V) a new Elite Class in the form of the Trench Raider, and a new field weapon, the Siege Howitzer.

The new Battlefield 1 expansion will be coming out sometime in March, though so far we don’t seem to have an actual date that it’s going to release.