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Xbox One Creators Update Brings New Features To Xbox Insiders

The Xbox One Creators update is bringing new features to the Xbox One, but they won’t be available for the public for a while; currently, the update is only available for members of the Xbox One Insiders program, who will get to see it and test it out before it goes public.

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According to Xbox, the update is going to bring hundreds of improvements to the Xbox One and Xbox Live, some of them being visible to gamers but others being “under the hood” of the console, so to speak. These updates will be rolled out to an increasing number of Xbox One Insider gamers in the coming weeks.

According to Xbox, the Xbox One Creators update is about enhancing performance, people, competition, and streaming. The Xbox will be able to connect to apps and open games faster, so that players don’t have to worry about long loading times when they initially connect. The home screen and a newly-designed Guide are also going to be implemented to improve the UI of the Xbox One, streamlining it and decreasing the amount of button presses that players are going to have to make to get to where they want.

When it comes to the Guide, players will now be able to call it up on the left side of the screen no matter what they’re doing, and allows you to see your most recently played games and opened apps, along with controls for the music you play while you’re gaming.

Adjustments to the Cortana system of the console have also been made, making it more intelligent and allowing you to set alarms for gaming sessions, along with a number of other improvements.

If you want to see the other improvements the Xbox One Creators update is going to be bringing, you can find them all on the Xbox news website here.